Taking a bit of a different journey

The last few days have overflowed with God’s goodness! As I have talked about before, He has kept me in Canada this year, rather than sending me to Cameroun with Mercy Ships. This was difficult for me to take initially, but in surrendering to what God wanted, I have had such peace and joy. And He has given even more than that! So far this … Continue reading Taking a bit of a different journey

Calendars and memories

Last year at this time, I was in Germany with a dear Mercy Ships friend. I had just left the M/V Africa Mercy and stopped over to visit my friend before coming home to Canada.  It was the beginning of Advent, but I didn’t know much about this holiday other than chocolate advent calendars.  My friend was given a homemade advent calendar, and I remember … Continue reading Calendars and memories

In Your presence is fullness of joy!

I realize that this post is REALLY behind the times! I have shared my news as people asked, but I guess I did not pass it on to everyone yet, so here goes… As many of you know, I volunteered my nursing skills with the organization, Mercy Ships, in the fall of 2016.  I absolutely loved the time spent on board the hospital ship, the … Continue reading In Your presence is fullness of joy!

This battle is not against flesh and blood

This week’s lesson in my life comes from Genesis of all places.  It is a book that has a lot packed into it, but often I forget that and view it as an obscure book without much relevance…after all, the events it contains were at least 4,000-6,000 years ago (if not even further back than that!).  However, Genesis is so timely and relevant.  We have … Continue reading This battle is not against flesh and blood

O death, where is your sting?

My friend is going camping this week, and what encouraging piece of advice did I give her?  I told her last night: “The worst that can happen to you is that you die.”  That is not what anyone wants to hear when they are going into bear country with forest fires raging around the area.  Maybe I should work on my tact (or current lack … Continue reading O death, where is your sting?

Summertime musings

First of all, don’t these covered hay bales look like marshmallows in the field? (: A Summer Challenge Summertime can be a mixture between business and relaxation, often lacking structure.  This makes it difficult to find time to regularly be in the Word.  This is usually an excuse, but without meeting friends/family for Bible study weekly, and with other Bible programs on hold, I find … Continue reading Summertime musings


We are all waiting for something.  Waiting for spring.  Waiting for a spouse.  Waiting for children.  Waiting for a better job or place to live.  Waiting for retirement.  Waiting for advice.  Waiting to make a decision. And the thing I find difficult about waiting is that it can so hard!  Patience truly is a virtue, but it is one that I am usually in short … Continue reading Waiting